Long time no write. 

Seems as though life grabbed me by the horns and put me through the wringer with both hands tied behind my back;

tested my faith, inner strength, patience and understanding of life – all in one day 11/21/2016

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I hope daddy would approve. I’ve cried every night for almost two weeks remembering him. I never thought I’d miss anyone as much as I miss him.  

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Last year, I only ran one 10k race. This year, three – on three consecutive weekends. I didn’t do well and don’t think I even did my best. But, I did it. I feel proud of myself for not throwing in the towel because I was tired or because it was early or because it was wet. I’m proud of myself to know that even without the training I did last year, I finished. Next year, I hope to have improved results! 

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No longer concerned with the public affirmation of friendship –

She only wanted those late night conversations back. She wanted the honest, open two-way banter, the endless feeling of being important

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Dot to Dot

Sunday, I ran the 2nd leg of three 10k in the Heartland 30k. 74 minutes well spent. This coming Sunday is the final run in the series. If I can get over the mental barriers, I know I’ll do well. 

I am, however in 397th place out of 595 running the series. I’m kind of, soft of okay with that. 

Before and after pics… 

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the situation was complicated

more than the others

it was strictly on an as needed basis

on his command

no sidebar conversations in between

no unnecessary banter exchanged

it was unreal how things were kept

he was the decider

he made the rules, the appointments

told me where to be, when —

what to wear and he dictated everything

that happened

i was a slave to his requests



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Plaza10k today was the first 10k in a series of three. It begins the Heartland 30k. I ran this last year in 63 minutes. Today – 73 minutes. In my subconscious I’m okay with this. In my heart and mind, I know I’m better. No excuses. I just need to do better next week at my next 10k. 

Difficult night sleeping. I was anxious like a kid on Christmas Eve. But more so, I thought of my dad. For two reasons. 1. He’s the biggest New England Patriots fan ever known. This is the first game without my dad. To hear him curse at the officials, yell at poor play-calling, and refuse to ever watch again. I miss my dad every day, minute. I’d always call when I finished a race. He’d say, “Great job, honey. You did great. That’s an awful long run for someone who’s not crazy.”  I love him and really had to concentrate to not think too much during my run. 

Enjoy the pictures of this weeks challenge. Next week, another 10k. And hopefully with a better time!

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