Passenger seat

He sat there
in the passenger seat
There was no drive
in mind
No life changing
Her hand slowly
rubbed up his
strong thigh
toward his
extending life
She felt him growing
as she continued
to rub
“Can I put you in
my mouth?” she asked
He nodded in agreement
Swiftly, she unzipped
his pants and reached
in to find him
eagerly waiting.
She leaned in and swirled
her tongue around
the tip of his
licking him, she put
him to bed on her
tongue in her mouth
With every motion
She could feel him
She felt his excitement
He would hold her
hair firmly and he’d pull
only to increase her
He’d grip at her ass
Turn her on and bringing
her to a new heightened
level of her own
Using her mouth
to make love to his
Each manly moan
Each extension of himself
Each lick and every suck
She felt his enjoyment
She felt him and as
She felt him he said
Releasing himself and
his pleasure into the
sheath which held his


About k1nd3r5t3w

Born and raised in Maine. US Army Veteran, living in Kansas! Love road trips and my son. Go PATRIOTS. Amateur writer who just writes from the heart. Runner.
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