Group 22

The number of veterans that commit suicide is growing. What was reported at 22 per day, is now 35 (as reported in the story below).

Group 22 is a group designed for veterans to reach out to one another and check on them.  Ask, “how are you?” “how can I help you?” Never leave a buddy behind. 

So today, I ask any Veteran who may see this – in addition to everyone who knows a Veteran, to ask “How are you?”. Ask everyone as suicide is real and has no face.




About k1nd3r5t3w

Born and raised in Maine. US Army Veteran, living in Kansas! Love road trips and my son. Go PATRIOTS. Amateur writer who just writes from the heart. Runner.
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One Response to Group 22

  1. Thanks for posting this and calling attention to this critical issue. Least people forget there is still a war on in some of our minds…

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