Today, I’m thinking. I’m thinking about the close friendships I had as a child, teen and young adult. Friendships where we did things. Where I looked forward to get togethers, hangouts, etc.. I don’t have those anymore. I have friends, acquaintances. But when I look at others, I see folks doing things, races, parties, dinner out. I wonder what makes me different that I don’t have that. It saddens me that these friends/acquaintances that I offer myself to, can’t do the same. And simply won’t. Sure, I’ve tagged along to one or two things, and I’ve rejected a few due to personal scheduling. But those that know me best will never extend the invite nor accept mine when offered. I often ask myself if these folks are truly friends or merely just friends out of convenience.

About k1nd3r5t3w

Born and raised in Maine. US Army Veteran, living in Kansas! Love road trips and my son. Go PATRIOTS. Amateur writer who just writes from the heart. Runner.
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