Having served my time in the US Army for a little more than 6 years, at the age of 42 I never thought I’d hear the words, “you should come talk to me” from a recruiter again. You see, my son is 17 and is really torn between joining the military and going to college. I can only guide him to make the best decision for himself, without my emotional banter. He spoke to an Army recruiter today and in doing so, I was told to call the recruiter and discuss MY reenlisting to become a drill sergeant! What the hockey stick?!#$ Oh sure back in the day this was my dream! For real! I did some training with the drill sergeant recruits and I was in love with it. But seriously, now? At this age? This is a huge consideration!

About k1nd3r5t3w

Born and raised in Maine. US Army Veteran, living in Kansas! Love road trips and my son. Go PATRIOTS. Amateur writer who just writes from the heart. Runner.
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