I have struggled for years with my finances. I’ve always been employed, never been without a roof over my head, always food on my table. Bad choices, terrible spending habits got the worst of me. My husband hasn’t been any better and if I have to admit, he’s a larger portion of the sores. I hate it when my phone rings  five or six times a day. Messages from three or four different debt collectors. Everyone wanting the entire balance paid in full – NOW! Poor credit and can’t get a loan. Wage garnishments, not what I expected considering our family makes six-figures. I took matters to a professional six months ago. I’m giving this man almost my entire paycheck. To do what? Manage my debt in a way I’ve only dreamed I could do. On paper it always looked great. I’d see savings and see relief. But in the end, it never happened. Now, I see it. Today, this man told me that in September, this year, all my debt, except my home, will be paid in full! That’s two cars paid, $10k in taxes, some miscellaneous crap! I couldn’t be more happy. I’ll have money to help my son go to college. I promised myself I’d do two things for my child. 1) always provide a stable living situation. Something I didn’t have. We moved so often when I wasa kid. Three or four times a school-year. We must have moved 20 times. 2) college! I never went to college. My family didn’t care what I did. I wanted to provide those two things to my son. And up until today, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to hold up to my #2.  It’s one thing to disappoint myself by not being able to hold up to my end of the bargain. But to let my son down, that’s a different ball of wax. I prayed so hard and long for financial security. God lead me through a very difficult, dark time. He lead me through the struggles. He knew I’d be here today praising Him for those struggles. I’m on my way and without those series of events in my life, I wouldn’ be here today smiling about it.


About k1nd3r5t3w

Born and raised in Maine. US Army Veteran, living in Kansas! Love road trips and my son. Go PATRIOTS. Amateur writer who just writes from the heart. Runner.
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